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SNOMED International is pleased to announce the release of the organization’s 2021 Annual Report. Titled A collaborative approach to deliver global interoperability, it reflects our efforts and achievements as we continue to work toward realizing our 2020-2025 Strategy. And while the report focuses on the breadth of SNOMED International’s 2021 activities, it also highlights the growing quantity and quality of our many collaborations and their contribution to SNOMED CT.

Highlights of the Report include:

  • Message from the General Assembly Chair, Management Board Chair and CEO
  • 2021 strategy update
  • Our Members and highlighted Member success stories
  • Product & Services highlights including frequent releases, community content, and concrete domains
  • The organization's content enhancements & collaborations
  • SNOMED CT case for investment
  • A report on global stakeholder engagement activities
  • Our innovation activities
  • Enabling success through corporate functions 
  • Meet our governance representatives

Read and share the full landscape of what SNOMED International and its Members and stakeholders delivered in 2021 at

Towards the end of 2021, SNOMED International shared its intention to extend the core of SNOMED CT’s structured clinical terminology to deliver an open, standalone terminology in support of the scope of content within the International Patient Summary (IPS) for non-Members.

The IPS Terminology will provide advanced terminology features for non-Affiliates to use in their IPS implementations. Now released in its beta version for focused stakeholder testing and feedback, the IPS Terminology will be accompanied by a User Guide to support implementers in non-Member regions to understand the features, capabilities and limitations of the IPS Terminology package.

Contact for information on how to review the IPS Terminology as well as information on the mechanisms and timelines for providing feedback. To view the IPS Terminology via browser, visit

The time has come for the SNOMED International community of practice to submit nominations to support this year's SNOMED International awards process.

SNOMED International acknowledges individual contributions to the organization and community through 2 awards:

  • The Award for Excellence (given annually), and
  • The Lifetime Achievement Award (awarded periodically)

As we return to formally recognizing excellence among the SNOMED International Community at September's planned Gala, the organization will consider granting multiple awards to multiple recipients this year. 

In 2019, the Award for Excellence was awarded to Mark Jurkovich, and both Lies van Gennip and Stewart Jessamine were presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award.  

Your Challenge?

  • Think about someone who is worthy; Someone deserving, and someone who should be honored at the SNOMED International Gala in Lisbon this September.
  • Note: An employee of SNOMED International is eligible to nominate someone so long as they find someone from the Community of Practice to serve as a co-nominator.

Please reference the awards policies and forms linked on this post or visit the Awards Page for more information.  Nominations are requested by June 30 2022. Contact for more information. 

The SNOMED CT Expo 2022 abstract submission deadline has been extended to May 1. 

Represent your country's SNOMED CT efforts and submit an abstract for the opportunity to present in-person or online at this year’s hybrid event in Lisbon, Portugal. Presenters attend for free! 

Visit for more details and watch this 1 minute video for a glimpse of the advantages of presenting from some of our past presenters:

Questions? Contact 

Are you a SNOMED International Member located in the Asia Pacific Region? Do you have an interest in hosting the 2024 October Business Meetings and SNOMED CT Expo? If so, the Call for Expression of Interest is now open! 

Being a host presents a unique opportunity to showcase to local stakeholders, and guests abroad, your approach and implementation of SNOMED CT and how it fits into your healthcare ecosystem design.  A collaborative effort, you are a strategic partner in contributing to the decisions that shape the delivery of the SNOMED CT Expo, with SNOMED International providing most operational activities, including logistics, planning and execution. Visit the October Business Meetings & SNOMED CT Expo - Prospective Host Resource Page for more information on what's involved. 

Member hosts have included:

  • Portugal (2022)
  • Malaysia (2019)
  • Canada (2018)
  • Slovak Republic (2017)
  • New Zealand (2016)
  • Uruguay (2015)
  • Netherlands (2014)
  • United States (2013)
  • Sweden (2012)

Please note that following the regional order of holding SNOMED CT Expo events, the organization will next be looking for a host for the Europe, Middle East and Africa region for the 2025 event. 

Important dates:

If you are considering responding to the Expression of Interest, please contact Liara Tutina before July 12, 2022. For all subsequent timelines, please refer to the linked document accompanying this post. 

Thank you for your attendance and participation at the 2022 April Business Meetings in London. 

Linked below please find the videos and presentations from the proceedings of the April Business Meetings:

Please contact for any additional information pertaining to these resources.  






SNOMED International wishes to remind those planning to attend the forthcoming April 2022 Business Meetings in London to make the most of the excellent delegate bedroom rates that have been negotiated at the event venue, the DoubleTree by Hilton (Tower of London).

Time is ticking to make your booking as rooms must be reserved before March 12, 2022 to obtain the discounted rates, please click here to book now using the unique event code.

As previously announcedthe conference will mark a return to hybrid events for the organization and Community of Practice, providing both in-person and virtual opportunities to participate.

  • Hybrid sessions will run in London, UK and online from April 3-6, 2022
  • Virtual-only sessions will run from April 4-14, 2022
  • View the full schedule here.

Joining us in London? Register now

Attending virtually? Registration is not necessary - Zoom links to join open sessions will be shared via the organization's What's on this Week calendar.

We have a robust COVID-19 health and safety plan in place to ensure our participants stay safe before, during and after the London event. To learn more, we encourage you to review the plan.

We very much look forward to welcoming you again to London. For any additional information pertaining to the April 2022 Business Meetings, please contact 

March 2, 2022

At the end of 2021, the European Health and Digital Executive Agency took a firm step towards increasing the semantic interoperability, re-use and the cross border exchange of health data. The European Union will provide its Member States with 60 per cent funding towards SNOMED International membership until 2027, via the European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA). The goal of this initiative is to allow the residents of participating member states to easily access and share their own health data in their own language with healthcare providers as they travel in the European Union.
According to the European Commission, the objective of the agreement is to facilitate the use of a standardized terminology to express clinical meanings for clinicians and to benefit the citizens of the European Union...

Read the full announcement

March 1, 2022

SNOMED International, the Thai Health Information Standards Development Centre (THIS), and Health Systems Research Institute (HSRI) are pleased to announce that Thailand has joined the SNOMED CT Community as SNOMED International’s 42nd Member.

Thailand is the eleventh country in the Asia Pacific Region, following Australia, Brunei, Hong Kong – China, India, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Republic of Armenia, Republic of Korea and Singapore to join SNOMED International, further extending SNOMED CT use, implementation experience and collaboration opportunities for the region. Effective January 2022, all users in Thailand can register to request a free license for use of SNOMED CT from the country’s National Release Center...

Read the full announcement

February 28, 2022

SNOMED International has published the SNOMED CT International Edition every six months, on 31st January and 31st July each year as its means of releasing the product.  As the organization has been communicating over the past year, SNOMED International is transitioning to a more frequent delivery schedule of the SNOMED CT International Release Package. While this is a newly available feature, it is important to recognize that this enhancement only changes your current process if you or your National Release Center decides to consume frequent releases. 
Last year, SNOMED International began to pilot a more frequent delivery schedule of the SNOMED CT International Release Package. Making the product available on a monthly basis means less down-time required between release cycles, enabling faster turnaround of authoring content and a more agile and responsive terminology. Additionally, smaller content projects can potentially reduce the time required for urgent content changes... 

Read the full announcement and browse our Frequently Asked Questions.

SNOMED International is pleased to announce that the April 2022 Business Meetings will mark a return to hybrid events for the organization and Community of Practice, providing both in-person and virtual opportunities to participate.  

The in-person component of the Business Meetings will be held from April 03-06, 2022, at the DoubleTree by Hilton (Tower of London). In keeping with our hybrid approach, all in-person meetings will be supported with the necessary audio and video tools to support high quality online participation via Zoom.  Virtual-only meetings have been scheduled to take place between April 04-14, 2022. Zoom links to join open sessions will be shared on the organization's What's on this Week calendar.

Schedule & Registration:

The current schedule for the Business Meetings (including both hybrid and virtual sessions) can be found on Confluence here, and registration for the in-person part of the event is now open.

If you are planning to join us in London please click here to complete the registration process (registration is not required for virtual attendees).



We encourage attendees to make the most of the excellent delegate bedroom rates that have been negotiated at the event venue, the DoubleTree by Hilton (Tower of London). Rooms must be reserved before March 12, 2022 to obtain the discounted rates, please see our website for pricing and the SNOMED booking link.


COVID-19 Health & Safety Approach:

We encourage all individuals to think carefully about the risks posed in attending an in-person event and make informed choices about their travel.  With the well-being of our community our first priority, the in-person component of the April 2022 Business Meetings will proceed with a Vaccination Required approach. In practice, this means that all in-person attendees, not including attendees with medical exemptions, must be vaccinated with a full course of an approved vaccine (as defined by UK Guidance) in order to gain access to the meetings. 

Socially distanced seating options will be provided to the fullest extent possible in all Business Meetings, and it is currently intended that all attendees will be required to wear a face-covering in all sessions, except where medical exemptions may exist. 

A daily health-screening tool will be shared with in-person attendees, as well as an allotment of Rapid Antigen/Lateral Flow tests to complement the screening process. A supply of tests, face masks and hand-sanitizer will be provided at the venue to facilitate this protocol and ensure we host the most robust, productive and interactive event possible. 

Plans are also being developed around assisting delegates to book the “Fit to Fly” tests that may be required to return home - more information will be provided shortly. 


We very much look forward to welcoming you again to London. For any additional information pertaining to the April 2022 Business Meetings, please contact 

Do you have SNOMED CT knowledge and experience that you want to share with the global community? Submit an abstract for a SNOMED CT Expo 2022 oral presentation or e-poster today!

We're looking for presentations that focus on using the clinical terminology in a product, service or research. Submissions must align with one of the four program streams:

  • Enhancing Clinical Practice and Outcomes
  • Terminology Leading Practices
  • Demonstrating Implementation Excellence
  • **New** Advances in Research and Innovation

Don't miss out on a great opportunity to contribute to the global knowledge pool of SNOMED CT use, enhance your professional reputation and build awareness of your organization's achievements using the terminology. 

Wait, there's more!
All submissions will be entered into a weekly prize draw. Draws will be made each Friday between now and April 17, 2022.

Key Dates:
April 17, 2022: Deadline for abstracts
May 27, 2022: Submitters notified


Check out the brief video below for inspiration!

In about 60 seconds, learn how presenting at the SNOMED CT Expo 2022 can benefit you, your organization and the international digital health community...

The 2022 Products & Services Catalog is now available. 

Available on the SNOMED International Resources webpage, this is a comprehensive guide to our products and services, complete with descriptions and links. It suggests relevant groups of products and services for different customer groups.

Please browse the Catalog and contact us with any inquiries. 

What’s new?
The January 31, 2022 release contains 4,438 new concepts and 1,143 inactivations within SNOMED CT’s 350,000+ concepts. It delivers on SNOMED International’s commitment to make SNOMED CT richer, more precise and more useful to its global users by improving the structural quality of the clinical terminology on an ongoing basis.
Release highlights
Continuous quality improvement and enhancement of existing content is an ongoing process undertaken by SNOMED International in preparation for every release. The January 2022 International Release has seen a continuation of the work driven by contributions from Kaiser Permanente's Convergent Medical Terminology, Global Medical Device Nomenclature Agency, Orphanet and other domain specific collaborations as well as content requests received.  The January 31 2022 release contains additions and changes across many hierarchies including, but not limited to, body structure, clinical findings, procedures, pharmaceutical and biologic products and substances, as well as COVID-19 specific content...

Read the announcement

London, United Kingdom -- SNOMED International released today its refreshed SNOMED CT Case for Investment report. Available on a new interactive platform, the Case for Investment presents evidence that SNOMED CT adds measurable value to a broad range of primary and secondary health processes leveraging SNOMED CT encoded data to enable improved patient outcomes. Through the narrative, the report provides accessible and understandable answers to questions such as, “what is SNOMED CT?”, ‘what makes SNOMED CT unique?’, “how and where is it in use globally?” and “why invest in SNOMED CT?”

Read the full announcement

Visit the interactive value platform at