SNOMED International has announced the release and inclusion of the Nutrition Care Process Terminology (NCPT) Nutrition Reference Set in the April 2024 International Edition of SNOMED CT. This release, which is the result of a 2021 collaboration between SNOMED International and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (the Academy), enables dietitians to systematically report their nutrition practice outcomes — resulting in high-quality nutrition care using a standardized quality improvement process to support care and effective decision-making, as well as to inform nutrition education and health policy.

On the SNOMED International side, the NCPT Project Group, led by the Academy with input from global experts, spearheaded the work of the collaboration.

Registered dietitian nutritionist and 2023-2024 Academy President Lauri Wright called the integration of the nutrition care process terminology in SNOMED CT a major milestone for the nutrition and dietetics profession, noting that it recognizes the high quality of care that dietitians provide in identifying and treating patients with malnutrition. 

The reference set, which is based on NCPT 2020, will also be included in the free-for-use Global Patient Set, which SNOMED International releases annually. 

The next release of the SNOMED NCPT reference is scheduled for 2025 and will contain the complete NCPT.  

Click here to read the full release.

For more information on the collaboration between the two organizations, view the 2021 news release.

Click here for more information on the NCPT reference set.

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