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Are you a SNOMED International Member located in the Asia Pacific Region? Do you have an interest in hosting the 2024 October Business Meetings and SNOMED CT Expo? If so, the Call for Expression of Interest is now open! 

Being a host presents a unique opportunity to showcase to local stakeholders, and guests abroad, your approach and implementation of SNOMED CT and how it fits into your healthcare ecosystem design.  A collaborative effort, you are a strategic partner in contributing to the decisions that shape the delivery of the SNOMED CT Expo, with SNOMED International providing most operational activities, including logistics, planning and execution. Visit the October Business Meetings & SNOMED CT Expo - Prospective Host Resource Page for more information on what's involved. 

Member hosts have included:

  • Portugal (2022)
  • Malaysia (2019)
  • Canada (2018)
  • Slovak Republic (2017)
  • New Zealand (2016)
  • Uruguay (2015)
  • Netherlands (2014)
  • United States (2013)
  • Sweden (2012)

Please note that following the regional order of holding SNOMED CT Expo events, the organization will next be looking for a host for the Europe, Middle East and Africa region for the 2025 event. 

Important dates:

If you are considering responding to the Expression of Interest, please contact Liara Tutina before July 12, 2022. For all subsequent timelines, please refer to the linked document accompanying this post. 

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