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Core Metadata Concept



This concept is the supertype for all SNOMED CT metadata.

Concept Addition Rules

No new subtype children may be added in an extension.

Please refer to the following pages for guidance on the addition of subtype descendants.

All SNOMED CT metadata concepts are subtypes
of  900000000000441003 | SNOMED CT Model Component (metadata)| and include concepts, descriptions and relationships that are used to describe or provide additional information about SNOMED CT content and reference sets.

Table below lists the subtypes of the  900000000000441003 | SNOMED CT Model Component (metadata)| hierarchy, and describes the content within these subhierarchies.

Table Subhierarchies of |SNOMED CT Model Component| and their intended purpose

SubhierarchyPurposeLink to More Information
Core metadata concept (core metadata concept)

Provides structural information required to support International Edition data. This supporting information includes sets of enumerated values that apply to attributes of concepts, descriptions and relationships. Core Metadata Hierarchy
Foundation metadata concept (foundation metadata concept)

Provides supporting metadata and structural information for Reference Sets. Foundation Metadata Concept Hierarchy
Linkage concept (linkage concept)

Links two or more concepts together to express compositional meanings. All concept codes that can be used as a Relationship Type are included under | Linkage concept| . The attributes that are approved for use are the Concept Model Attributes. Linkage Concept Hierarchy
Namespace concept (namespace concept)

Contains concepts that represent an assigned Extension namespace identifier Namespaces

OWL metadata concept (OWL metadata concept)

Contains concepts that are used in

  • OWL ontology reference set (OWL ontology header (OWL metadata concept) and OWL ontology namespace (OWL metadata concept))
  • OWL axiom reference set (Disjoint classes axiom (OWL metadata concept) and General concept inclusion axiom (OWL metadata concept))

2.3. Content for the OWL Ontology Refset

2.4. Content for the OWL Axiom Refset

The following pages provide information about the subtypes of  900000000000441003 | SNOMED CT Model Component (metadata)| . Each page includes tables which describe the purpose of the content within one of the sub-hierarchies, with examples from the International Edition. The tables also state rules about the additions that are permitted in an extension to the respective subhierarchy. Where additions are permitted to the subheirarchy, notes are added on practical uses cases for addition, potential problems that may arise from these additions and any other relevant considerations.

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