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Linkage Concept


This concept is the supertype parent or ancestor of 410662002 | Concept model attribute| , 416698001 | Link assertion| , etc.

Concept Addition Rules

No new subtype children may be added in an extension

See tables below for concept addition rules for the descendants of existing subtype children.

Concept Model Attributes

PurposeThese concepts provide the values for Relationship.typeId and represent the type of a defining relationship.
Concept Addition Rules

Additional attributes may be added in an extension, where required to support extensions to the SNOMED CT concept model.

Concept Addition Uses CasesExtending the SNOMED CT concept model to allow sufficient definitions to be applied to concepts that are not sufficiently defined in the International Edition.
Additional NotesAny attributes created in extensions need to be carefully managed and documented. Extension attributes may also need to be revised or inactivated to align with future changes to the concept model in the International Edition.

Link Assertions

PurposeThese concepts represent clinical assertions about relationships between instances of clinical statement in an EHR. For example, they may assert that a particular symptom is caused by something.
International Edition Examples
Concept Addition Rules

Additional subtype children may be added in an extension. However, it is recommended that proposed additions be submitted to the International Edition, unless they are highly specific.

Concept Addition Uses CasesRequirements to support additional types of assertion in clinical records

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