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Before content is added to a national or International Edition, organizations may choose to add this content to a module they own as an interim measure. In these cases, the organization should indicate, as part of the request, that an interim addition has been made, but that the content should ultimately be promoted to the International Edition. When a request for content which is relevant at the national level is submitted to a NRC that maintains a National Edition, interim content from a local extension may be promoted to that National Edition.

For example:

  • Local organizations in a country or region may add components to their local extension and then forward the request to their NRC
  • An NRC may add components in their national extension and then forward a request to SNOMED International for inclusion in the International Edition 

Note that, content added to an extension can later be promoted to another extension or to the International Edition. For more information, please refer to Promotion and Demotion.

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