The time has come for the SNOMED International community of practice to submit nominations to support this year's SNOMED International awards process.

SNOMED International acknowledges individual contributions to the organization and community through 2 awards:

  • The Award for Excellence (given annually), and
  • The Lifetime Achievement Award (awarded periodically)

As we return to formally recognizing excellence among the SNOMED International Community at September's planned Gala, the organization will consider granting multiple awards to multiple recipients this year. 

In 2019, the Award for Excellence was awarded to Mark Jurkovich, and both Lies van Gennip and Stewart Jessamine were presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award.  

Your Challenge?

  • Think about someone who is worthy; Someone deserving, and someone who should be honored at the SNOMED International Gala in Lisbon this September.
  • Note: An employee of SNOMED International is eligible to nominate someone so long as they find someone from the Community of Practice to serve as a co-nominator.

Please reference the awards policies and forms linked on this post or visit the Awards Page for more information.  Nominations are requested by June 30 2022. Contact for more information. 

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