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Changing Mutable Description Attributes

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 lists Table lists the various description attributes and their mutability. The following modifications to the mutable attributes are permitted

  • Changing the active attribute to 0 (i.e. inactive).  For more information, please refer to Inactivating a Description in an Extension.
  • Changing the term of the description. Please note that only limited changes may be made to the term field field, as defined by editorial rules.
    • The International SNOMED CT Editorial Guide states when making a minor change to an FSN, a new description must be created and the old description must be inactivated
    • Permitted changes include modifications that do not alter the meaning, for example a spelling correction. For a list of permitted changes, please refer to the appropriate section of the Editorial Guide:
    • When in doubt, an extension producer should inactivate the description and add a new description with the required term.




Table Mutability of description attributes

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The table below provides a summary of the process to follow when modifying descriptions in an extension.

File TypeProcess

A new row which represents a new version of the description is created.

The attributes of the new version of the description are set as follows:

  • id is set to the descriptionId of the description being modified
  • effectiveTime is set to the date the extension will be published
  • active is set to 1 to indicate that the new version of thedescription will be active at the time of publication
  • moduleId is set to the conceptId of a module that is managed by the extension producer
  • conceptId is set the same as the original version of the description
  • languageCode is set the same as the original version of the description
  • typeId is set the same as the original version of the description
  • term is set to the (possibly updated) string of characters used to describe the given concept. Note: Only limited changes, in accordance with editorial rules, can be made
  • caseSignificanceId is set to indicate the (possibly updated) case significance of the term
Language Reference Set

If no changes to the acceptability of the description are required, then no changes to the associated language reference set members are necessary.

If changes to the acceptability of the description are required, a new version of the relevant language reference set member is added with the required acceptabilityId.