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Posted on behalf of Don Sweete, CEO, SNOMED International

I'd like to personally welcome you to the start of the April 2021 Business Meetings. While our meeting is once again virtual, there is a wealth of activity taking place over the next 4 days, satisfying the governance and advisory aspects of an in-person business meeting. 

Remember that you can locate the schedule of these governance, advisory, project and clinical reference group meetings via the event registration page or within the platform itself.

Accessing Sessions: 

All registered attendees will have received a personalized email on Friday, and again Monday with your credentials for the platform supporting the business meetings. This includes an auto entry link to the Business Meetings platform, which is the easiest way to gain entry. In the event of issues, this email also includes your login and PIN. 

Forgot to register? Please register here and you will receive your entry credentials via email. If you experience issues, please contact immediately for support.Please explore the new platform for enhanced networking opportunities with your SNOMED CT community.   

Business Meeting Highlights:


This April's Open General Assembly on Tuesday April 20, 12:00 - 14:00 UTC, will commence with keynote speaker, Dr. Tom Hughes and his presentation on the NHS Emergency Care Data Set. In the meeting to follow, General Assembly representatives of the organization are presented with and vote on SNOMED CT statutory matters. 

Closed meetings of the General Assembly, Management Board, and Member Forum round out the Governance meetings this week.   

Advisory, Project and Clinical Meetings:

Advisory & Project
Modeling, Content Managers, Terminology Release, Editorial, and E-Learning comprise the Advisory Group element of the schedule.  The Managed Service User Group, a sub-group of the Tooling User Advisory Group, is also scheduled to meet. Project Groups meeting include Observables, French Translation, SNOMED on FHIR, Cancer Synoptic Reporting and SNOMED CT Computable Languages. 

In addition to Anesthesia, Mental & Behavioural Health, Nutrition Care Process, Dentistry, Nursing, and Genomics & Precision Medicine Clinical Reference Group meetings, the Clinical Engagement group has organized a "SNOMED for Clinicians" session on Thursday April 22nd. Featured keynote speaker, Dr. Tejal Shah, Lecturer at the School of Computing at Newcastle University, will share her clinical experiences implementing SNOMED CT. 

Refer to the full program here

Community Updates:

To brief the Community on the activities of the organization and Membership since October 2020, we have shared a Community Updates document for your review and reference. Please reach out to the respective subject matter experts of the organization with your queries at the meetings this week, or directly via

I extend my thanks for your ongoing contributions and support and I look forward to seeing you this week. 

  • Don

Welcome Video and Platform Overview:

Community Updates Video:

This year's Community Updates have been presented by representatives of the organization in the below linked video:

A .pdf document of this April's Community Updates has also been provided below:

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